Laura did some puppy training with me and my 9 month old puppy today. It's the second time they have met and the second time I have been amazed at what she can do. In fact I was probably even more impressed this time around. My puppy isn't into treats, so I thought we would have no chance with things like recall training - but Laura worked her magic and he was obedient and follow instruction like a pro! It was lovely to see and gave me confidence that if I keep up with the training I will be walking my puppy safely and comfortably rather than him walking me. I would highly recommend Crazy Barkers - she is awesome and great value for money.

When Laura first started working will my American bulldog Pablo, he was pulling on the lead, anxious and a nightmare to walk. He was very scared of adults and would jump back if they tried to pet him, but over excited with children and would dive on them to play, considering he weighs nearly 7 stone this was quite frightening for children although he wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone. After 3 individual hour sessions, Pablo walks well, approaches children much calmer than before with out lunging at them with excitement and slobbery kisses and is growing in confidence with adults, his listening has improved since using Laura’s techniques. Highly recommended service. From a happy dog mum.

We are very happy with Laura's training session (3x hour long sessions) with my 6 month old GSD to reduce his reactivity and improve his lead walking. She noticed his was not happy with us touching his rear legs which we later found out was a sensitive stomach issue, this dramatically changed his behaviour and something we most likely wouldn't have noticed. So roughly a month later he is a lot better and have a good base to build on his training. Her sessions were very informative and tailored to our needs. We really liked her training plans and weekly phone calls to make sure we were on track. Would hire her again if we have any further training needs

I am incredibly pleased with my experience of Crazy Barkers. I have seen significant improvement in my dog over the three sessions which I attribute solely to the guidance from Laura and subsequent practice. Laura approached the behavioural issues of my dog calmly and professionally, using a range of helpful techniques and tricks. Laura provided consistently useful advice and went above and beyond. She seemed to genuinely care about the progress of my dog and made a lot of extra effort. She stayed in regular communication via phone and emails and by the end of the programme my dog would allow Laura to change his collar whereas during the first session he would not let her near him. Thank you Laura !

Laura helped us with our puppy doberman, for lead walking and general behaviour. We took 3 1-2-1 sessions during which we (owners and pup) learnt a lot and which gave us more confidence. Between sessions, we worked on the commands and Laura was always available to help and answer our questions during a call or via Whatsapp. With consistent training and following Laura's advice, our puppy's behaviour has dramatically changed for the better, no longer pulling on the lead, listening to the commands while remaining a happy and playful pup!

'We looked at a few trainers before hiring Laura, we liked the fact she offered constant support via phone/WhatsApp for the duration of the course. We booked her for the 6 session programme focused on separation anxiety, but Laura is very flexible and has accommodated our requests in terms of training other things like recall, walking to heel etc. We have had 5 of 6 sessions, over about 8 weeks, and Laura calls once a week outside of the sessions to check how things are going. So there is support there if you need it and she has answered calls from us on other occasions as well. When she first came round our puppy was very nervous since, with the lockdowns, no one else had come into our flat and he wasn't used to it. She took charge of the situation, let the puppy get used to her, sat on the floor of our hall and talked to us while she tried to bond with him. We learned a lot but she was very careful not to spook him and it wasn't till the second session in the park that the puppy was happy with her. She gave him treats, showed a lot of affection towards him and then he loved her. She knows a lot about dogs and showed us some useful training equipment which we then bought from Amazon. She is very clear and has detailed instructions on how to train certain things, she will send emails and videos so you have a clear summary of what she went through in a session. In general we are very happy with Laura's work and attitude to the puppy. She obviously loves and cares about dogs, and is focused on their well-being above all else. I would have no problem recommending her.

Absolutely brilliant. On walks with my two Bichons they would literally drag me down the road but after one session with Laura from Crazy Barkers they were walking calmly by my side no tugging. It's now a pleasure to walk them instead of a chore.

It’s taken a long time to sort out my greyhound with separation anxiety but Laura didn’t give up on him even when it seemed he was going backwards. We got there in the end and I can now leave him for over an hour and a half which is amazing. Laura has been very understanding about taking the training at his pace and not mine which has led to a successful outcome. Many thanks Mary Jane