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What Crazy Barkers Can Offer You and Your Dogs

Separation Anxiety online program



Everything you need to resolve your dog's separation anxiety and know they are going to be happy and confident when left alone.


1-2-1 Training

with Crazy Barkers

One-to-One training session with me is ideal if you need advice and help on how to work through a specific issue, or a few issues. So get in touch today so I can help you and your furbaby!

*£75 per hour

*Price is based on locations within the M25. Please contact us for a price on other locations.


Packages to suit you & your dogs needs

Start from £225

At Crazy Barkers we understand that sometimes there is more then one issue a dog can have, so what we like to offer, is a variety of different packages that might take a bit longer then an hours session to suit you and your furbaby better.


What is included in the packages?

  • You'll get 3 1-2-1 sessions with me​

  • Weekly support calls

  • 24/7 Access to me for immediate emergencies

  • Home Learning if needed


with Crazy Barkers

If your going on holiday or maybe away for a relaxed weekend, why not book your furbaby in for boarding with Crazy Barkers. Your furbaby will stay in a relaxed family environment, getting plenty of affection and the walks they need.


The Pawfect Pup Online Program

Why wait until your pup has had their vaccinations? 

With The Pawfect Pup program you don't! 

Build the foundations for a happy and confident pup.  The Pawfect Pup online program allows you to start training your pup from the day they come home.  You can complete the program at your own pace and still have my full support with any difficulties you might have.

The program includes all basic commands as well as recall, loose lead walking and one of the most important things for your pup....the prevention of separation anxiety.

ONLY £29.99




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